The Hero's Square

About this place

Hero’s Square is one of the most beautiful squares in Hungary. The construction of the place began during the Millennium celebrations in 1896, when Hungary celebrated its 1000th birthday. It was a huge event at the time, with lots of exhibitors – like a world exhibition today, but all about Hungary. It was during these years that the current image of the City Park was created. On the square you can see the kings of the country in chronological order and in the middle there are the seven leaders who conquered this land in 896 and settled the Hungarians here. On the column stands the Archangel Gabriel, holding the sacred crown of the first king. 

Here’s your task

Find the king, whose name was: the Well-learned King whose other name was ‘Bookish’. One element of the statue tells you who he might be. He really liked to go to the library and borrow lots of books. If you find him, calculate how many years he reigned in Hungary. 

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Use our help!

You have to find a statue with books. His name is Könyves Kálmán. He reigned from 1095 to 1116. How many years is it?